ČEZ Group is expanding its operations in France to over 215 MW of installed capacity. It is launching the development of another eight projects.

ČEZ Group has acquired onshore wind power projects in France with a potential overall installed capacity of up to 116 MW. CEZ France SAS has acquired power plants in advanced stages of development from ABO Wind, a respected developer for renewable energies. ABO Wind has secured a guaranteed feed-in remuneration over a period of 15 years. At present, ČEZ is preparing the construction of wind power plants in France with a total installed power of over 215 MW. The first turbines should begin delivering environmentally-friendly electricity to the grid this year.

"The more ambitious EU climate and energy objectives announced last year have created space for us to strengthen our presence in Western European markets with stable regulatory standards in renewables. After the acquisitions of existing onshore wind farms, we are now gradually shifting our attention to projects in development and the subsequent construction stages. In 2017, we entered nine projects in France, of which the first should already begin supplying environmentally friendly wind power from turbines in Áscheres-le-Marché," said Tomáš Pleskač, Director of New Energy and Distribution.

"Thanks to the across-the-board spread of projects throughout France, we have achieved a major reduction in development risk. Even in this market we are now ready to make use of the know-how ČEZ Group has acquired through the construction and operation of wind farms in Germany and Romania. The acquired onshore wind power projects have 15 years of operating aid in the form of guaranteed purchase prices," says Martin Pacovský, Head of Renewables at ČEZ. Our experience and the negotiated purchase terms should, in turn, contribute towards the success of the development of renewables in the Czech Republic.

ABO Wind will be responsible for the completion of the development phase of the projects, including the construction work. Its relationships with partners will enable ČEZ Group to structure operations and maintenance and thereby significantly push down the operating costs of the projects.

France is one of the Czech Republic’s main trading partners – last year's exports amounted to EUR 8.1 billion and imports EUR 4.6 billion. Since the Czech Republic’s joined the European Union in 2004, mutual trade  has more than doubled. Similarly to the operations on the German renewables market, the activities in France may also be of benefit in acquiring experience applicable in the Czech Republic.

Did you know that ...

... ČEZ Group operates wind energy parks in Europe with total installed capacity of over 740 MW?

... thanks to new acquisitions, roughly 75% of ČEZ Group’s portfolio in the wind power sector in Western Europe is now in the development stage?

... in addition to the German market, ČEZ is also monitoring suitable opportunities in renewables in other European countries to build a stable portfolio of assets at different life cycle stages and to provide downstream services?

Martin Schreier, ČEZ Spokesman