2022. 2. 10.


• FAIR (Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research) is an international particle accelerator project for research into atomic nuclei and antiprotons, located near Darmstadt, Germany • Two Elevion Group companies – HERMOS and ETS – succeeded in the prestigious supplier tenders • When completed, FAIR will be one of the largest accelerators in the world, to be used by 3,000 scientists from more than 50 countries. • FAIR also has a Czech footprint – the Czech Republic is FAIR Aspirant Partner and several of its large science organizations contribute to the project • Elevion Group has almost doubled its turnover since ČEZ’s entry When completed, FAIR will be one of the largest accelerators in the world: a total of 3.5 km of tunnels are planned and eight acceleration and storage rings. The system can accelerate particles of all chemical elements, from hydrogen to uranium, and antiprotons to nearly the speed of light, and simulate their collision with other atomic nuclei. Scientists hope the facility, which has at its heart an underground ring accelerator with a circumference of 1,100 metres, will generate particle beams of previously unparalleled intensity and quality. Here, scientists want to gain new insights for the main scientific questions: How did the universe evolve? How do chemical elements form? How does matter behave under extreme conditions? Why does a person weigh 70 kilograms when all the elementary particles that make up his atoms together are barely 700 grams? HERMOS is responsible for the delivery, installation, and commissioning of building and process automation, hardware and software engineering, as well as the installation of distribution boards. Efficient Technical Solutions GmbH (ETS), in the ARGE RLT FAIR consortium (together with Calvias Gebäudetechnik GmbH), was awarded a major contract by FAIR for a project in the demanding field of ventilation and air conditioning technology. Both companies work under the umbrella of ČEZ.

“For some time, customers of Elevion Group companies have been major players in the aerospace, automotive, food, healthcare, and technology industries.  When ČEZ entered Elevion, it clearly planned to strengthen its position in the dynamic German market for energy services and savings and to penetrate other European countries.  Thousands of orders per year and almost double Elevion's turnover compared to 2017 prove that this is a successful mission,” says Elevion Group CEO Jaroslav Macek.

The FAIR particle accelerator system is in every respect a megaproject of international importance.  A total of 25 buildings will be erected on an area exceeding 150,000 cubic meter, requiring approximately 600,000 cubic meter of concrete.

HERMOS has already started work on the delivery, installation, and commissioning of the automation technology for FAIR.  Furthermore, the company is responsible for the hardware and software engineering as well as the installation of the distribution boards.  Thanks to in-house production of the components and the design of the distribution boards, HERMOS was able to win the relevant tender with the most cost-effective offer. As explained by Florian Schwartz, a member of HERMOS’ Management Board, HERMOS was able to convince not only with its price, but also with its well-thought-out concept and functional technology.

As part of a consortium of contractors, Efficient Technical Solutions (ETS) is responsible for the delivery and installation of HVAC systems, smoke and exhaust air extraction equipment, and air conditioning solutions.  95 decentralised ventilation centres will be installed, covering the operation of approximately 520 ventilation systems with a total capacity of over 2.1 million m³/hr.  Approximately 4,000 air circulation cooling units and around 50 precision air conditioning cabinets will be installed. The cable length of the entire wiring system is around 1,300,000 metres.

"The bar in terms of complexity, performance and quality of the technology to be installed by us at FAIR is enormously high. This is precisely why we consider it an honor to be able to play a significant role in this research project with international appeal," says Harald Köhler, CEO of HERMOS AG. "This project is a beacon for our company and the entire Elevion Group."

Marko Maier and Florian Oberpaul, the two managing directors of Efficient Technical Solutions GmbH, describe the decision in favor of ETS: "Our technical know-how and our performance in these segments, which we can document with numerous meaningful references were decisive for winning the bidding process. But also the so-called soft skills and our lean management structures also played a role." Marko Maier continues: "Being able to participate in this extraordinary lighthouse project is a special honor for us and the entire Elevion Group. We look forward to 4.5 successful years of the project.”

Elevion Group BV is a market leader in mechanical and electrical construction technology in Germany.  Currently, it has a total of 54 consolidated companies and employs more than 4,100 people at 87 sites in nine countries – including Germany, Austria, Italy, Poland, and Romania.  Its total sales in 2020 amounted to EUR 608 million.

Sektor ESCO (Energy Service Company) focuses on the comprehensive energy needs of companies, municipalities, and institutions of all sizes, providing commodity supplies, energy audits and energy consulting, heat and electricity supply outsourcing, outsourcing of the operation of customers’ electrical equipment, and the construction of cogeneration units and the installation of photovoltaic power plants.  It is also a supplier of services related to public and corporate electromobility.  At ČEZ, these services are handled by two teams operating under the Sales and Strategy Division: the ČEZ ESCO (for the Czech and Slovak markets) and the Elevion Group (for selected European markets).